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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Victoria Day And Some British Items

This year Victoria day falls on May 18th here in Canada which is to celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday which is actually May 24th.  The picture above is a postcard of  British Columbia's Parliament building in Victoria on Vancouver Island.  The picture below is of a book I picked up a while back of the grand lady herself Queen Victoria.
I Have To Share This With You Before Carrying On With This Post:
My husband told me this past week one day just before we left for work that he had something to tell me that would make me really happy and want to give him lots of kisses.  I threw my arms around his neck gave him a big kiss and told him I would let them know I was quitting at work that day.  He said that wasn't a good idea.  I said well what do you have to rate such a reaction.  He said the shirt I was wearing was on inside out and I might want to fix it before leaving.  So I'm still slaving away at work.  Boy I liked my idea way better. 


The collage is of British themed items.
Top Row: Keep Calm sign, Garden theme books, a stamp with a Dalek from Doctor Who
Middle Row: Jug with Prince Phillip , Collage of British items, Jug with Queen Elizabeth 2nd 
Bottom Row: Tardis Piggy Bank and Doctor Who figurine, Bobbie hat bell, Cars from my collection

These postcards are of areas around England.

This is the first time I've posted the top Harrod's bag the bottom one has been posted before.

The Land Rover Defender is a British Vechile I've always liked, the ones in the pictures above are some I see around the Fraser Valley.  I like them all but the middle one is the one I would like to have parked in my driveway.

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

A Mother's Day Post

I was all set to do another theme for this post when my husband said that next Sunday was mother's day so everything came to a halt Saturday night and I started replanning my post for today.  Know the theme you got it I'm sure is set around mother's day.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and special day next Sunday and Happy Mother's Day.

This Sherman brooch was supposed to be a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband which he forgot about and found a little while ago.  This happens quite often I usually receive Christmas gifts throughout the year.  Don't get me wrong I like getting gifts anytime I just find it amusing when he comes in from the garage with a Christmas gift months past Christmas.

The locket in the picture was my husbands mother's and inside when I opened it stored in it for safe keeping was this paper cut out of a child's art work which I thought was special and I thought was something my husband had done for her.
however he assures me it was not him.  His mother was a teacher so we think maybe a student might have done the cut out.
You may remember back a few posts ago I posted the blue jar above well I went down and unpacked the two other jars to show you the three I have found over time.

The above Pictures above are from my husbands family photo's .

I couldn't stop myself I just had to add This Anne Taintor Picture.

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Coca - Cola & Earth Day 2015

This Anne Taintor picture sums up how I feel about updating areas in our house.  I have a couple hours a day to work on things between working, cooking and sleeping so it's going slowly.  I hope to get into the yard soon or should I say dreaming of getting out there.

My dad use to collect Coca-Cola items, after he passed away I inherited most of his collection so I thought I would share some items I still have as over the years . After a few moves a lot of  pieces are no longer with me.  As a kid in the 1970's I can remember the Coca-Cola ad on the T.V. with the a large group of young people singing "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing..."  which is what the link above for youtube should take you to, to watch.

I found this I Love Lucy mug at a second hand store.  I find it  hard to pass by Lucy items when I see them.  

The above world globe and postcards of cars among the trees are in this post since Earth Day is on Wednesday April 22, 2015.

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Glass, Vintage Fabric & Postcards

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday. 
Time is going fast around our place doing projects, but the projects are not going very fast.
I can't wait to finish the house projects so I can hit the second hand stores once more.

These paperweights were gifts from my husband.

I was given the above dishes by my aunt.
The white bowl is  Pyrex which is holding a Hydrangea plant in it.

I decided to put this Anne Taintor picture in this post since the pink casserole dish in the oven looks like a Pyrex dish.

The above collage is of vintage fabric.

These are slightly weird looking postcards.

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Crazy About Glass & More

I can't believe the beautiful weather we have been having here in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia everything is coming out early this year.  This lovely cherry blossom tree is outside a window I can look out at, at work and I took this picture this past week.  There's a beautiful blue sky in the background of the picture. 
I've been so busy with home reno's but I took an hour to hit a local second hand store this week for a bit of a break.

I love glass so these finds are always great when I find them the blue glass jar was what I found on my outing to the second hand store this past week.  The blue paperweight is something I've shared before but have added to share again plus it fits into this collage so well.  The lamps my husband found at the local flea market this week.

This Connie Francis record I also found on my outing to the second hand store.  On the back is a ad for Silvikrin Shampoo which I've never seen before on a record except on some Christmas records.  I like Connie Francis some songs by her like Where The Boys Are, Lipstick On Your Collar and Stupid Cupid are just a few songs she recorded.  I can remember watching some of her movies like Where The Boys Are, Follow The Boys and When Boys Meet The Girls which also had Herman's Hermits, Louis Armstrong, Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs and Liberace in it.  There's so many old movies I remember watching as a kid and these are a few with her in them.

These garden features are from Van Dusen gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia I may have shared them before but have decided to use them again since gardening season seems to be starting here. 

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Sunny Day Events & Past Finds

Well the husband and I have a week off this week we are painting our kitchen and bathroom.  I hate painting so thank goodness one of my friends and her daughter are coming over to help.  Painting has never been my thing and if left on my own it will take forever.

I've always liked glass even as a child I would look for glass on the beach.  These vases are a group I've removed from my collection in the thinning out process. 

The shoes look like if you put them on that you're ready to hit the disco I saw them awhile back at a Salvation Army thrift store I did not buy them but took this picture to show my niece.
The Paris France keychain I bought about two months ago but just found when packing up boxes.
The metal moulds are the same ones I use to make a metal Christmas tree in my Kitchen. Instead of stacking them on top of each other to make a tree instead I stacked them inside of each other to make it look like a flower.
This Snoopy candle was a late fall find and needed to make an appearance in one of my posts so here he is.

The weather we've been having here in the lower mainland this month makes me think these flowers and plant should be outside when I go out there.  Of course they're not so I'm sharing these pictures from last year with wishful thoughts.

      From The Family Collection:

These are family pictures from both my husbands family and my family we each know who the people are in one picture each in this grouping.  I picked these pictures because they're of outdoor activities that happen in nice weather.

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Post In Orange And Some Pictures

This picture by Anne Taintor  is how I feel lately who would think we could possible have so much junk to get rid of or put into storage.  One day in the near feature I will be ready to have my friend who's a real estate agent over to go through our house and tell us what we need to do and what she thinks we can list it for. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day.

I have an orange theme running through this post hope you like orange.
The above pictures are of a tray, kettle, butter dish and napkin holder.
All the above pictures are item's you could have found in my grandmothers kitchen in the 1970's.

I found this purse and found it interesting since it was from the Olympic games held in Montreal Canada in 1976 I don't think I'll be finding to many like it at my local thrift stores.

I wanted to use this tile somehow I thought it fit with this post and added the lyric's to this old song by the Mindbenders.

I picked the above book up awhile back and found it the other day when I was packing up boxes. I thought I would share some of the picture plates inside these are only a small amount in the book. 

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Have a great week.

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