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Monday, 21 April 2014

Another My Finds / His Finds

Well first things first, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a family dinner last night at my mothers.  Most of us were able to be there, only a few were missing.

My Finds:

This purse was a second hand store find, it may be going to my niece if she likes the colors.

This carafe is a great find it was made by
Inland Glass.

His Finds:

My fiancé found this Fire King mug at the flea market for me.

This divided Pyrex dish is in the Compass pattern and was also a flea market find.
My sister gave my mom, my cousins fiancé and me each a tie dye rose.

Wedding Update:
I found a backup dress so if I don't find the actual dress I'm looking for so I will still have something to wear.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Warm, Sunny Spring Days And Finds

Warm sunny Spring weather has finally come to the Fraser Valley in British Columbia this past weekend.  We did some wedding stuff which I'll tell you about later and some yard work.

This is my first Corgi model car it's a Mercedes Benz 300 SL it has a few scratches but it fits in my collection nicely. Corgi is a English company and my car was made in Great Britain.

This bowl is Franciscan Ware which was made in California in the United States.  I found it at a second hand store.  I added some brooches to add color and a feeling of Spring.

This paperweight is another addition to my collection.
I saw these Fire King mugs on a cart when they were wheeling it out onto the floor at my favourite second hand store.  I made a beeline for the cart and scooped them up.

I use this cloth holder to hold a pen, a paper pad and papers in my purse so they're easier to find.

Wedding Update:

I'm thinking of doing a hairstyle like the above one if I find the right 50's style dress.
Image was found on Goggle Image.  

The last two weekends we have spent doing two gift registries for the wedding. The first store which I'm not going to name was not a great experience thanks to a computer and scanner that did not work very well though one of the clerks was trying to be helpful.  This nightmare took almost 3 hours and by that time we had one page of items.

This past Saturday was a totally different experience.  We went to the  Hudson's Bay the clerk there  was helpful and did the computer part for us and the scanner was easy to use and they had a better selection. If your doing a gift registry I totally recommend them.

The Dahlia's in the above pictures are what they had on the bins  that I got the tubers from.  I'm planting some and others we are handing out to family and friends to grow for the wedding.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Glass, Mid Century Modern Finds And Easter

This past week we made it to the second hand stores a few times which is better then once a week like the two previous weeks.  We had some great glass and mid century modern finds.

I found this decanter and six small glasses at a local second hand store.  I think they may be mid century modern.

This dish was a find that I was really happy to make I really like this piece a lot.  It wasn't easy to get a good picture of I'm afraid.

This candle holder was a surprise find.

I don't know when this black vase was made but I really like it.

This red paperweight I have added to my collection I already have a larger one like it in red.

These Fire King bowls I've actually have had for a little while.  I thought they had a Spring feel which is why I'm showing them now.

Back To The Hoosier:

As you can see the Hoosier is decorated for Easter.  Among the Pyrex and Fire King are egg cups with Ukrainian eggs and rabbit molds and other Easter themed things.

From The Family Collection:

This is a picture of me I guess I'm mid century modern too so I fit into this post.
Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Monday, 31 March 2014

A Dream Of A Slower Life

 I spent most of last week thinking about what I wanted to post this week and I wasn't coming up with any ideas.  On Saturday I decided to go with an idea then on Sunday I changed my mind and decided to go with the following post.

I've been thinking about how I would like life to be a little less busy, rushed and stressful.  Whenever I have these thoughts the family cabin in Sechelt, British Columbia Canada comes to mind.  It's been well over two decades since my grandmother sold it, it's funny I always thought it would be there for the family.  Right away I go back to sitting on the porch in the morning drinking tea listening to the water lapping on the beach Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan and so many others singing.  I would look out and see the sun shining on the water thinking the sun was dancing on the water and the islands in front of the cabin standing proud.  Walking into town spending a couple of hours looking around hitting the second hand book store for some books.  This is always where I go to in my memories when I want to feel life has slowed down a little so many good memories to remember.

I found this sign last summer at a garage sale and thought it fit in this post after all when I look at it I thought of the cabin.  I added the enamel brooches to add more of a Spring look.

I found this small Pyrex refrigerator dish it's in the Spring Blossom Green pattern, it came minus a lid.

I have a friend who collects books with poem and pictures by Cicely Mary Barker so whenever I see them I pick them up.  She has this one so this book will go to her granddaughter's collection.

I don't know what it is about powder compacts but whenever I find one if  I can afford it  I buy it.  This one was made in England.

Wedding Update:

I thought I would pull my mom's wedding dress out to show it's a bit wrinkled well not a bit a lot.  I won't be wearing it there's not a chance of me squeezing into it.  If we had not lost my dad they would have been married 49 years March 04th.

I'm not planning to wear a traditional wedding dress but something I can wear again.  I'm thinking 50's early 60's style the above pictures are some examples of what I'm thinking.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Spring Is That You?

It's hard to believe that it's Spring once again since in the mornings everything is covered in a thick frost.  I think Mother Nature needs to tell Jack Frost it's time to go till next year.  Having said that I have to be happy about the sunny days we've been having.


I'm not looking forward to yard work since I don't have much free time this year but I am looking forward to the results.  These flowers are from last year.

I found these mugs at a second hand store my first thoughts were the 70's and my childhood.  
By Royal Alma Staffordshire Ironstone made in England.

This Volkswagen I saw in the parking lot as I was heading into a second hand store yet again it took me back to my childhood I had to take a picture.

This Pyrex ad is part of a two page ad for different items for sale.

This Cycla-matic Frigidaire ad is in this post because it shows Pyrex refrigerator dishes inside the fridge.

I've decided to personalised my wedding invitations and make them myself the above picture is the result.

In the past week we picked up the Dahlia tubers we ordered last fall we're planning to use the flowers for our wedding.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Monday, 17 March 2014

It's All About The Green

It's March 17th and St. Patrick's day is here, it seems weird since a few weeks ago we had snow here in British Columbia.  I was reading the other day in one of the blogs I follow though I can't remember which one that when you say the luck of the Irish your not meaning good luck but bad luck which is what I've been having at the second hand stores this past week.  I was bidding on a Sherman brooch in green and amber rhinestones which would have fitted in this post but the bidding went over my budget.  So this post is all about the green.

Back To The Hoosier For St. Patrick's Day

The Hoosier is holding green items Pyrex, Fire King, Glass and etc.

Whenever I see these dish towels with different countries names on them I think about people travelling and bringing them back for family and friends.

The Fire King mug  on the top left and right side is the same mug each side has a different saying.
The middle picture is a mid century modern tea set by Arklow made in the Republic of Ireland the pattern is Rhythm by Pat McEtheron.
The horses are made of green plastic and quite well made.

Top Row:
Left to Right
Green Enamel Brooch, Sprite Bottle, Elves
Middle Row:
Custard Bowls, Brooch, Paperweight
Bottom Row:
Moss on Brick, Lamp Body Of A Broken Lamp, 3 Small Green Bowls

The first picture is set up to try and look like a parlour.
The green bottle is by McGuinness and Co. Ltd. Made in Canada
The top picture on the right is green buttons my fiancé found at a garage sale.
The bottom picture is a figurine from the house that pops up in pictures around the yard.

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Monday, 10 March 2014

2nd My Finds / His Finds

My fiancé is always wanting me to post his fishing finds which is how I came up with My Finds / His Finds.  I think someone needs his own blog.

My Finds

I found this small vintage tablecloth which would fit on something the size of a end table.  The colors and design said buy me.

This is one of the larger bowls in the Vintage Tulip pattern of the Fire King bowl set.

I love these recipe cards and sometimes I wish it could be my motto.

The bag on the mannequin has actually been in my basement hanging on a beam holding the mounting clips for our outdoor Christmas lights.

Doesn't this bird tin make you think of Spring?  It says Made In England on the bottom.

This paperweight reminds me of water on the bottom a planet in the middle and snow above.

This is my blog so I get to put in more finds that's just how it goes.

His Finds

A couple of weeks ago we went to a garage sale while snow was falling (this was a first for me).  He found these two vintage fishing creels and he and the seller came to a agreed price. 

Hardy Sunbeam 10 wt. fly reel for Salmon fly fishing.  Made in England.

Hardy Silex centre pin reel from early 60's used for Steelhead fishing.  Made in England.
These two reels are his prized reels I happen to like the ones with the Celtic designs I shared before and I'm again showing you below.

He went to a garage sale last week and bought me a bag of broken costume jewelry because this Coro Necklace was in it and still intact.  He got the bag for $2.00, he did okay.  I also have a use for the broken jewelry it was a win win all around for me.

Wedding Nightmares

I had my first nightmare about the wedding the other night about of all things cutlery. 
Cutlery really, where did that come from?  What would Freud say?  Oh well I'm just going to go with the flow.   

Thanks for taking the time to visit.
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